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Religion Papers

The study of religious systems and various religions is interdisciplinary by virtue of the fact that it span over various areas of academic work including anthropology, theology, and historical studies. It is thus common for students undertaking studies in all these fields of study to write religion papers. Religious ideas and concepts learned and researched in various areas of the curricula are assessed via and informal means which employ the use of religion paper writing as an assessment tool. Therefore, the writing of religion papers is bound to greatly vary because a religion paper written for a class of theology may not be similar to one written for a class of anthropology or history. This fact calls for students to be aware of the nature of religion which is academically interdisciplinary.

In the process of writing a religion paper the student may be required to apply theories and methods that may have been acquired from other curricula, study fields and departments of study. This diverse nature of religion papers make their actual writing interesting, but on the other hand makes their writing a rather difficult thing to accomplish proficiently for most students. Religion papers may be written in a manner similar to any other scholarly works that are written for various disciplines. However, the challenge lies in the manner in which the instructor may require you to approach the actual writing i.e. through the various theories and methods of carrying out religious studies.

It is important for any student to realize that religion papers are written in an academic context that is by nature secular, therefore; it is not faith based or oriented. A religion paper written for academic purpose should never be used as a means to justify or refute any religion based concepts, ideas and beliefs which may under dispute or controversial terms such as existence of hell, soul re-birth or the existence of the devil.

These controversial issues are metaphysical in nature and no one can explicitly ask into their truths in a comprehensive manner because they are supernatural. Rational questions would be futile and thus not essential for a religion paper. This makes the study of religion distinct and peculiar, and therefore the religious papers have to also be unique in the manner in which they handle this work. Contextualizing the study topic or item is the best way to approach the topic under highlight.

Religion papers may examine a philosopher’s critical argument about the nature of sin, an archaic piece of art work portraying a religious theme, the similarity of a religious concept within various religious faiths such as the Hindu, Christians and Buddhists. In other words the interest of the writer of a religion paper is to show what a culture, religion, religious figure or society has to portray rather than the perceptions of the author or other people.

Therefore, it is a basic requirement that all papers of a religious nature, but written under academic circles should have no personal thoughts or expressions on religion. However, this may be permitted where that is explicitly called for through the instructions offered. Thus a liberal view rather than a religious view should be employed during the creation of literary pieces that are religion based. The writers of religion papers should use various perspectives such as historical, sociological, anthropological or cultural perspectives.

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