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Writing a term paper is a long process that may prove too complicated for first time term paper writers in their freshman or sophomore years. Writing a term paper requires careful planning, because it takes quite some time to complete the writing (usually the whole semester). Writing a term paper begins with the proposal writing and proposition of research questions to be handled within the research that makes up the term paper.

The writing of a term papers research proposal requires clarity of ideas and the questions should be carefully stated so as to avoid ambiguity and vagueness that results from research questions at the proposal level which do not confine and control the research. The research proposal focuses the term papers research in a clear and focused. As the first step towards the whole process of writing a term paper the proposal writing should clearly state the objectives and goals of the research within the term paper. This step in writing a term paper is followed by the ratification of the proposal by the assessment authority. This marks the start of the research which spans over the whole term. This sets up the start of the research where the students set out to make actual research. The research process is then accompanied by the recording of gathered data and information. This information is later compiled and a progress report can be written about the progress of the research term paper. This progress report constitutes the second step in the process of writing a term paper.

A progress report concisely states the steps that have already been undertaken as well as the failures that may have been encountered. Not all researches undertaken go as planned, and therefore; the progress report provides a place within the process of writing a term paper within which the researcher may explain any re-adjustments that may have been necessitated. As a report on progress any success too may be expressed within the progress report. After completion of the research the student then goes into the analysis and interpretation phase. At this point the writing of the actual term paper should have begun with inclusions of easily obtainable information such as literature review.

The analysis and interpretation of results is the most important part of writing a term paper, because it carries the essence of the result through the provision of insight and answers that may prove the theories postulated and demystify the research questions that may have been proposed. The interpretation of these results should be done in clear and simple manner that can enable anyone reading the

to understand. After a complete interpretation and analysis a conclusion may be drawn to state the significance of the results in the real world.

Writing a term paper in completeness can be accomplished after this has been achieved. The writing of term paper requires the coordination of the content in a clear manner that flows in an easy to understand manner. The process of proficiently writing a term paper will require the right level of proficiency in academic writing styles. There are many styles for writing a term paper, however; the designation of the specific style to be used is determined by the assigning body. Any students having difficulties in writing a term paper need not worry because there are many

that offer supportive services in the process of writing a term paper.

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